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community garden



The Phillips West neighborhood has limited access to walkable, affordable, and nutritious foods. While there are small-scale grocers at the nearby Midtown Global Market and small businesses along Lake Street, larger grocery stores are a drive or bus ride away. In addition to limitations for convenient food access, Phillips West also lacks green space for neighbors to gather, recreate, and enjoy nature. The Phillips West Community Garden addresses both of these neighborhood concerns by providing (a small slice) of nature and a place for neighbors to grow their own food. 

community garden

​​The Phillips West Community Garden is located at the northeast corner of Portland Avenue S and 28th Street. Although the plot used to be a maintained garden space, it had fallen out of use in recent years. PWNO acquired the lease through the Sustainable Resources Center in 2020 for the purposes of reviving the plot as a space for growing food, neighborhood beautification, and community gathering. The Phillips West Community Garden is also home to a community bulletin board open for neighborhood postings and community notices. 

After some light cleanup and visioning efforts in Fall of 2021, we are looking towards the Winter as a chance to bring together neighbors who want to step up as leaders for the 2022 growing season. In addition to serving as a space for local food growing, we envision the community garden as a space for public art, relaxation, and community meetings.  The possibilities are endless and this is the perfect time to get involved!

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