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housing committee

Following PWNO's Community Engagement Survey, the organization has developed a Housing Committee designed to address issues that our housed and unhoused neighbors face, including affordable housing, development, encampments, and renter's assistance.

The Housing Committee had already began operating as an ad-hoc committee dedicated to facilitating conversations between our unhoused and housed neighbors through community circles in partnership with the Conflict Resolution Center.

Since then, we are currently in the process of developing a full, permanent committee that will help to influence the future of Phillips West housing access.

​​The committee is still in its developing stage but now is the perfect time to get 

involved and directly shape the committee's goals and operations.


For more information, reach out to our Housing Committee Chair, Jen, at


garden committee


In response to the need for reliable food access, PWNO has created a community garden that will have accessible food during the summer. Additionally, we are working on creating a neighborhood foraging map that allows for residents to safely identify edible plants that can be found in the Phillips neighborhoods.

The Phillips West Community Garden is still in its early stages, though we are hoping to have the garden up-and-running this summer (2022).

With winter approach and the harvest over, work days have been suspended, but now is the perfect opportunity to get involved to help design the garden and make decisions on what types of vegetation we will next season!

For more information, reach out to our Garden Committee Chair, Cristeta, at

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safety committee

PWNO has had a Safety Committee for some time now and community safety continues to be a top priority for many Phillips West neighbors.

At PWNO, we understand that safety can look different to different people including community belonging, adequate lighting, housing and food access, and financial stability.

​In collaboration with our other committees, the Safety Committee takes multiple approaches to advocate for safety. The Safety Committee

is constantly reimagining what safety in our neighborhood looks like and

invites community members to get involved in whatever way they can.

Past Safety Committee initiatives include our current lighting program. You can find more information about that program below. For any 


questions about the Safety Committee, please reach out to our Safety Committee Chair, Brenda, at

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events & engagement committee

The Events & Engagement Committee (EEC) is responsible for some of PWNO's most public programming including our annual Spring Celebration and Fall Festival.

The EEC is constantly planning events for our community across the neighborhood to make Phillips West a fun and safe place to live, work, and play for every one of our neighbors.

If you're interested in getting involved in PWNO's EEC or have an event idea contact our EEC Chair, Becky, at

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